Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bible Trivia: How many people were present at Judas Israel's Last Supper. Right now there are probably 7 million people living in Jurassic Jew, Sand People Park. How many people work for E! and Disney or eat the crumbs that Disney throws at their feet? 12X12X1000=a good guess.

In the Atomic Witch Age of 18th Dynasty Egypt, a Goddess Vizier could kill all of his nation's enemies with his God wand, but that would not read very well in the history books, so the Pharaoh used blitzkrieg on his opponents with his lightning speed and then psyched the opposing forces into surrendering peacefully. The loss in life was cut down by 80-90% under these magician Vicar circumstances. The 40 year thief in the night God of Israel, Lord El, need to come to his purple throne room universe senses. The Fortress exception to this Vizar wand rule was Byblos, a university city-state of higher learning, older than Egypt itself.

This Pope wears a Ankh Cross and lived for 41 days on a cross of Jew thorns. Maybe this resurrected Pope will be worth a Callisto cheer and welcome in the world.

Pope Valentine.jpg
Papacy beganc. 31 August 827
Papacy endedc. 10 October 827
PredecessorEugene II
SuccessorGregory IV
Personal details
Birth nameValentinus
Bornc. 800
RomePapal States
Died10 October 827
RomePapal States
Pope Valentine (in LatinValentinus; c. 800 – 10 October 827) was the head of the Catholic 

Old Papal Sins are not forgiven is the Callisto Moon of God/dess message. If the Pope can resurrect 200 million Nostradamus soldiers from the dead, Callisto will bow at the Pope of Rome's feet. If the Pope can kill 200 million Hallah Bee Thy Name Soldiers, Callisto will bow at your papal feet.

Nazi Pope who put everyone into a Nazi Dongfu Concentration Camp for 1000 years claiming the world to be flat and that the Sun Revolved around the Earth.

Ten White Roses for the Death of the Second Nazi Millennium Reich of the World. Have you accepted Sunshine and Personal Happiness as your Green/Blue Rigel Cross Stellar Savior?

The Green in the Center of this Finland National Flag stands for the First and the Second Millennium Christmas Tree Reichs of the Nazi Jew Christ Savior, Jehovah.